"My dog scrolls his back and makes funny noices. Than I know that he's really happy at that moment"

Why is a happy dog the best pedigree?

Potential happy dogs are looking for you or your friend or your friend’s friend to provide them a loving home. Maybe they're pure breeds with or without a fancy pedigree. Maybe they're mutts. What is "dog-happiness" anyway?

People stop me on the street asking whether Kókusz and Blanka are pure breeds. Their figure is proportionate, their ears are symmetric, their fur is so perfect like they were just trimmed by a dog groomer. Their hunter pose is like they came from a majestic family. And of course, people also ask if they were sisters and brothers.

Why’s that? Why do people think that they’re pure breeds? Maybe I’m wrong but the only thing I can think of is that they are happy dogs. But what does happiness change?

A happy dog is giving all his/her honest characteristic to the world

Every dog is different regardless of their breed. If you study the same purebred dogs a little bit, you notice that they can be totally different. Not only from the outside, also from the inside.

Is not aggressive

A dog that is satisfied with his/her life will not fight just like that. The dog will protect the owner and the property but up to the limit of their owner. Also, will never look for unnecessary trouble.

Doesn’t destroy the house

They have enough time to run in the park, play with their mates and their pet parents. Why would they make the sofa collapse? Dogs are smart. They don’t want to mess with humans.

A happy dog respects his/her owner

He will never bite the owner or children in the family. A happy dog knows how far he/she can go.

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A happy, balanced dog is beautiful, doesn't matter his/her ear, fur, hunter pose, blablabla.

A happy dog is not necessarily a pure breed. Actually most of the time they are mutts and rescues in a loving family. Pure breed owners have special breed-specific expectations that the dog can’t always provide to their humans. That creates conflict between the human’s ego and the dog’s happiness.

A happy dog is the best pedigree and qualifies the owner too

If a dog is in balance it means that the owner takes good care of him/her. That he/she is loved, well-fed, all the necessary, and the extras(like infinite unconditional love) are provided. 

Kókusz and Blanka are mutts and we have no idea what breeds are in them. We love them for themselves and forever. There are plenty of perfect dogs in shelters and foster families. They’re looking for you or your friend or your friend’s friend to provide them a loving home. Maybe they are pure breeds with or without a fancy pedigree. Maybe they are mutts like Kókusz and Blanka. Doesn’t matter. You can make them happy dogs for life just give them the chance to prove their worth to you and to the world. 

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