Testimonials of Dog Moms with Rescued

Kókusz, the CEO and Quality Manager here.

If you're a Dog Mom with Rescued and own at least one tee from us we'd love to hear from you.

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Brigitta P. L.

Sassari, Italy

I wasn’t sure if the size would be right, but it became perfect. While wearing the t-shirt, I am glad to be able to express that I am dog, animal, and nature friendly.

I really like the color scheme of the t-shirt

I would recommend the Kókusz & Tees brand because the colors are beautiful and the product is really good quality.


Dora Sz.

Payroll, Budapest

I was sure I was buying a product of impeccable quality because I already knew the Kókusz & Tees t-shirt brand.

It feels good to wear the t-shirt

as I know I represent a good cause. The most important feature of the t-shirt for me is what the design on the t-shirt says. Of course, I would recommend the brand to others because of its great quality, creative design and it serves a  good cause.


Ildiko B.


I already knew the Kókusz & Tees t-shirt brand, so

I was sure I would be happy with the product

I bought. It is a classy and comfortable feeling of freedom while wearing the t-shirt. I love the canine motif on my t-shirt. I would recommend the brand to others as well because it has a good design and is comfortable.


Agnes Gy.


At first, I was worried about the quality and I was wondering how many times I would be able to wear my Kókusz & Tees t-shirt. Then, of course, it turned out that my concern was in vain because I feel great wearing it, I really love the color, the pattern, and the quality.

I dare to recommend it to everyone,

as I am satisfied with the material and the quality.


Rita Tancos

Dog Groomer, Leanyfalu

I had my doubts about the size of the t-shirt because I usually wear a number or two larger than my normal size. My concern was confirmed, but Zsu willingly changed it to a size where I could feel comfortable. I was also a little scared of the textile quality of the t-shirt, but of course, my fear was unfounded as the quality is impeccable and I love it.

Somehow, while wearing the t-shirt, I feel “at home”

and the design also perfectly reflects my personality. Based on the above experience, I would recommend Kókusz & Tees t-shirts, plus animal protection is especially important to me.

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