"my dog has to poo also in the rain"

Hey, Did you adopt them too? - Introduction

We’re barely awake and we can hardly find the end of the leash. While your dog and mine smell each other's butts we chat as silence can be awkward even in these circumstances...


The best conversations happen when we walk our dogs in the morning. We are barely awake and we can hardly find the end of the leash, but somehow we have the "Did you adopt them too?" among the first questions. Then we pause to pick up the dog poo. While your dog and mine smell each other's butts we chat as silence could be awkward even in these circumstances. Then we continue talking simply out of curiosity...

Hey, Did you adopt them too?

Yes. They were lucky, they were at foster families before we got them.

I see. I adopted mine too. There’s no other way of getting a dog. 
What do you do?

I make t-shirt designs for women who adopted their dogs.

Really? Why do you do that?

When we adopted our first rescue, Kókusz, I realized how nice it is to give a home to a dog in need. I was keen on sharing and promoting this experience to motivate other people to adopt their pets.
I wanted to buy some t-shirts but I didn't like those on the market. Most of them were unisex, and I preferred the feminine fit. I don’t like throwing away clothes after a few times of washings so I wanted to have really good quality tees. But most importantly I wanted original designs that I couldn’t find on the market. 

Yeah, totally agree. It’s hard to find the right t-shirt.

And I’m a graphic designer anyway. So, this way I can use my talent and help to strays to find a loving home.

Oh, that’s so nice! When did you start?

Originally, I started in May 2018. I had no clue how to get in the flow. I went on Facebook and looked up some dog-related events. The closest was on the next weekend. The Ebfieszta. As you can imagine everything went very fast. 


Somehow I found myself under the tent of the organizer charity. I sold many t-shirts and supported the charity after each sale. Everybody was happy.
It was nice to see how people fell in love with the tees immediately. This gave me the push to register to all the available events.

I can imagine that it was a lot of fun.

Yeah, but the situation of stray dogs and the overcrowding in the shelters are getting worse and worse. COVID-19 doesn’t help either. Many people get rid of their pets simply because they have no money to feed them or just don't care. 

When we go to social media we see it immediately. And most of the time we see only the negative things.

It's a pity because when dogs get a loving home there are many fun stuff to share. This is what could influence potential dog owners to get a rescue dog. 

Yeah, so true. But I guess there are no events now.

Yes, all of them are canceled for this year. But I just opened my webshop. There people can buy tees at any time. And dog lovers can choose the monthly limited editions where for example you can upload a photo of your dog and I custom design your tee.

Oh, that’s so cool. I would love to have a tee with my dog on it!

I also send out a weekly newsletter and blog. So, if you want I can add you to my list. I just need your name and email.

Oh, sure!...
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Header photo Photo by Delphine Beausoleil on Unsplash

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