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About Us

I'm Kókusz. I look like a designer dog

...but I'm a lofty well-done mutt, based in Budapest, Hungary. Zsu, the designer, and Janó, the husband, adopted me and my partner, Blanka. I was the first, then about a year ago this spoiled girl joined us. Our detailed past is unknown. However, we spent a couple of weeks with foster families. We both were in very rough condition when they found us, but thanks to our fosters we were able to recover from the weight loss, shaky limbs, and can happily run around once again.

But why the hell am I talking to you now? Because I'm your chichi design t-shirt vendor.

Since I'm safe, I thought to make myself useful and introduce some extremely stylish designs for you. You can be fancy, you can be cool because these designs are fully accessible to you on stylish tees. Plus, guess what!

Your beloved dog can be on the t-shirt you love!

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Why should you choose us? Because…

  • You are keen on nicely designed clothing, while you want to raise awareness of our imbalanced reality
  • You feel that your opinion should be communicated, but you haven't found the right medium yet to do so
  • You're conscious about the problem of mistreated dogs and orphan animals
  • You care, therefore want to help to spread the word. You're good. <3<3<3
  • And last but not least, you wanna be sexy while wearing a simple top!! Not a cocktail dress, not even a formal and stretchy evening dress with a pair of stilettos. Only a shirt showing your unique personality 

    Does it sound like you? Then, I can tell you, you’re in the right place.

What do we exactly do?

I inspire Zsu to design. Basically, I'm the face of the company, I'm the ultimate ambassador of her designs on dog rescue and well being. 


What does Blanka do?

Well, she is closely monitoring everything I do plus looking gorgeous, obviously. <3
We’re the true and undeniable example of shelter dogs being cool.
Wanna know how beautiful the designs are? 

Wanna learn more about us?

I hate puddles, however, Blanka loves them for some strange reason.
While Blanka lightheartedly steps in them, I walk around these cold muddy wet holes in the pavement. Brrrrr

I love raw meat and bones, but I get diarrhea from them. However, sometimes I can't resist and give in to the craving. Blanka? She eats whatever she finds. She’s crazy.  

My favorite toy is a rope with knots on each side, but I cannot have them because Blanka eats that too.
Also, fun fact, Blanka looks like a designer dog. "She’s a mix of a Swiss Shepherd and an Arctic Fox” at least according to Zsu. Honestly, we have no earthly clue what kind of mixes we are but it sounds cool.

We are keen on what we do because we’re amazed by the colorful outfits on humans. We always feel like jumping on you and smell those beautiful prints from super close.


And Zsu? She goes nuts about dogs and design. She started to learn how to draw when she was 7, then she was forced to study accounting. What did she end up doing?? She studied both! Stubborn like Blanka. Hahaha

When others partied, she did the homework for her design class and patted her rescued English Setters while listening to classical music and techno at 4 in the morning. 

Later on, she traveled half of the world as a Photographer and Desktop Publisher. She even did temp tattoos, printed communications for the largest drug companies, and worked for the European Space Agency in the Netherlands. So, that’s your designer. She is amazing, isn't she?

We love it when you're aware of the real world.

We honestly hope, you find the best designs, for your contemporary taste with a small touch of an eye-opening message, within our collections.



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Co-founder and Quality Manager




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Your beloved dog can be on the t-shirt you love!

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