"rub their ears, pat their heads or simply give them love"
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Fab T-Shirts for Dog Moms with Rescued

the Best handcrafted t-shirts for dog moms

Even with your dog's image on the tees

T-shirts so good, they make the breeders weep

Buy the best t-shirts for dog moms. We make them for women who have rescued dogs. They're not loose, not tight. Just perfect on your body. Also, get your dog's image on the tee.

These unique t-shirts are made for a feminine fit. It’s long-lasting and easily washable. You can enjoy your tee for years.

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Kata K.

Director of Finance,

I was afraid it wouldn’t be the right size, but in the end, I felt as if it was tailor-made. While I’m wearing the Kókusz & Tees t-shirt, I’m sure I’m unique, yet at the same time,

I feel very comfortable in it.

I would definitely recommend the Kókusz & Tees brand to others because its message is current and even fashionable.


Csenge Toth

Student, Szajol

I was afraid that after the first wash, the glitter would be on all other clothes, but luckily it didn’t happen. Besides feeling good when I'm wearing the t-shirt,

it shows my own set of values.

While wearing the t-shirt, I like that people notice the message on the tee and that they understand it's meaning. Of course, I would like to recommend Kókusz & Tees t-shirts to others as well, as I feel important what the design represents. And I would like to see it on others as well. I love looking at my t-shirts about animals/animal protection because it makes me feel that it’s worth wearing them even just because of that message.


Dora C.

ophthalmologist, Budapest

Mostly the right size was in question for the type I ordered. I was sure of the quality because I had previously bought 1-2 t-shirts at a dog event. That’s why

I knew the glitter is durable and can withstand washing,

and the t-shirt keeps its shape. Wearing a Kókusz & Tees t-shirt fills me with a feeling of freedom and I also love it because it has a comfortable, pretty, and unique inscription. Yes. I would wholeheartedly recommend the brand to others because one can choose from unique, high quality and creative t-shirts. The inscriptions on Kókusz & Tees t-shirts can even contain an important message (e.g. the importance of animal protection, adoption).


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We’re barely awake and we can hardly find the end of the leash. While your dog and mine smell each other's butts we chat as silence can be awkward even in these circumstances...

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Potential happy dogs are looking for you or your friends to provide them a loving home. What is "dog-happiness" anyway?

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Fab T-shirts for Dog Moms with Rescued

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